Old School


Made by Hand

Image descriptions: 1) IF magazine shoot Ned Kelly puppets 2) Home Again hand embroidered wall hanging 3) Playschool ABC TV, cardboard birds 4) Be Mine hand embroidered wall hanging 5) Pine Cone mirror 6) Playschool ABC TV, sets and prop making

Interior Design

Image descriptions: 1, 2, & 3) Monkey Bar, designed and constructed on the Fox Studio lot, Rosarito, Mexico. 4) Private Residence 5) Monkey Bar 6) Private Residence

Costume Design

Image descriptions: 1) Acrobats 2) Musicians photographer Mark Rogers, Carnival Studio 3) The Chaser in The Has Beens sketch dir. Brad Howard, ABC TV 4) Le Snak TVC dir. Tim Bullock, Prodigy Films 5) Toyota TVC dir Tim Bullock, Prodigy Film 6) Gyton Grantley in :30 Seconds, dir. Shawn Seet, Zapruder’s Other Films


Image descriptions: 1) Horse – Featured on the Instagram Blog ( Week 40) 2) Road Corner 3) Cicada Wing 4) Random Boats – from Samsung campaign “Life’s a Photo’ featuring 32 photographers from 8 cities round the world 5) Found Parrot Feathers> 6) Vintage School Chart

Set Design

Image descriptions: 1) Wolfmother ABC TV Dir. Stewart Burchmore 2) A Clockwork Orange: A Play with Music dir Jason Clarke Tamarama Rocksurfers 3) Australian Chamber Orchestra ACO on the Wharf benefit 4) The Chaser’s War on Everything Are You Being Shagged? sketch, ABC TV 5) The Chaser’s War on Everything Seasons 1-4 directors Craig Melville, Nathan Earl, Brad Howard, ABC TV
A Clockwork Orange – Reviews: “Ingrid Weir’s set and costume design is of mammoth importance to the whole feel of the production and delivers a certain energy to the piece” The Telegraph | “Ingrid Weir’s set and costume designs are impressive” SMH | “… an excellent and brave production… the costumes and sets are superb” The Sunday Telegraph


Ingrid Weir was born in Sydney to an artistic family and a gypsy life of creativity and travel. Involvement in the creative undergraduate scene at Sydney University led to designing the Architecture Revue, Dramatic Society plays and various uni publications, before she graduated with a Bachelor of Science (Architecture). Ingrid then spent a year at CCAC art school in San Francisco majoring in installation and jewellery design. Theatre work continued with sets and costumes for early Tamarama Rock Surfers Productions at the Old Fitzroy, Belvoir St and the Wharf. This exciting but nominally paid work was supplemented by working as assistant to Tracey Moffatt and a couple of years prop-making for ABC TV’s “Playschool”.

Entry into film and television design came via the role of art department graphic designer. This involved much research and immersion in period and place: 19th century London for Channel 10′s “The Potato Factory”, the 1940s for the feature “In a Savage Land”, ABC’s “Changi” and US television’s “South Pacific”. The most rigorous and detailed graphic design job being the 1805 world of warfare and botany in “Master and Commander”, shot on location in Mexico.

Ingrid then returned to theatre- this time the STC, working as costume designer on “Away” in Wharf 2, and David Williamson’s ” Influence” in the Opera House. A job as art director working with Roy and HG, at the ABC led to the position of series designer on “The Chaser’s War on Everything”. A two year adrenalin fueled experience designing costumes and sets- from Trojan horses to sweatshops to Elizabethan palaces. This was followed by working as costume designer on shows airing on the ABC; “Chandon Pictures 2″, “:30 Seconds”, “Laid” as well as Channel 9′s “Blood Brothers”.

In tandem with her career as set and costume designer, Ingrid has worked on several interiors. The decoration of a Chinese/Indian inspired Flickerfest Bar at the Bondi Pavilion. The design and construction of “The Monkey Bar” in Fox Studios, Mexico: a Quonset hut customized with set pieces from the film “Titanic” and flea market finds. Her current project is covered in her blog oldschoolmastershouse.com.au.

In 2012 her photographic work was featured on the Instagram blog – in a roundup of the weeks best photos. She was chosen as one of 32 photographers from 8 cities around the world in the Samsung Galaxy campaign “Life’s a Photo – Take It”